When is the Best Time to Seek the Help of an Orthodontist?

When is the Best Time to Seek the Help of an Orthodontist?

When you feel happy and smile, does that push you to resist smiling? Do you feel shy, awkward and cover up your mouth with your hand? For so many people, having a bad set of teeth can be intimidating and have a bad effect on self-esteem. There could be several reasons why you need to consult an orthodontist or a specialist with enough experience through orthodontic continuing education courses. It could be that you have crooked teeth, an open bite, under bite, or any similar problem. All these may be keeping you looking and feeling embarrassed. This when you need to consider seeking the help of an orthodontist.

A good orthodontist should be able to make the teeth move and get them back to their original position. They should realign crooked looking teeth and help them to transform into a healthy and straight smile. 

When is the Best Time to Seek the Help of an Orthodontist? Dentist

Dental Problems for Orthodontic Treatment

As mentioned above, the common reason why people seek orthodontic care is because or oral health problems. It could be that your teeth are growing in a crooked manner, appearing twisted, or overlapping. It maybe that your mouth is too small or the space in your gums is not enough for the teeth to grow, causing a shift. Sometimes, it could be that the lower and upper jaws are not in the same size or they appear malformed. This results in an overbite, where there is disproportionate protrusion of the under bite or the upper jaw. Eventually, when the lower jaw protrudes further, it causes the lower set of teeth and the jaw to extend beyond the position of the upper teeth.

What is the Job Description of an Orthodontist?

Both adults and kids can seek the help of an orthodontist. The main reasons include treating a malocclusion or even problems like a bad bite. They help to straighten the set of teeth by improving the bite and they correct the way the teeth clos and fit together. This is mainly to help the jaw get back to a proper shape or position.

Just make sure that you consult an experienced orthodontist, with enough years of training, one who has certifications in continuing education from Gerety Orthodontic Seminars. They should have enough skills to help improve the bite, and straighten the teeth. They should ensure the teeth fit properly together and help with proper jaws line up.

They should be able to use dental appliances, like trays, braces (aligners), Invisalign, and headgear to attach around the neck or the head to add more force to boost the movement of the teeth. They should use retainers to get the teeth back in the right position.

Orthodontist Training and Education for the General Dentist

Usually, general dentists are orthodontists, and sometimes, they are medical doctors like pediatric dentists too. Such professionals (pediatric dentists) dedicate their skills to children. In order to become an orthodontist, the general dentist needs to complete dental years of four years (minimum). They further need two to three years to specialize in their field of study.  Several general dentists should have the skills to treat orthodontic problems (from minor to major). They are also likely to refer some complicated cases to orthodontists. Furthermore, general dentists need to go through orthodontist training and education to keep abreast with the latest in the field of dentistry.

It is true; orthodontics is an every-changing field, with constant advancements transforming the way dentists take up cases. If you have any oral health problem, just make sure that you are sure of the years of experience the dentist has, as well as how they can offer the best treatment options.

Is there a Right Time for Orthodontic Care?

As mentioned above, there are several other reasons why you will need to consider seeking the help of an orthodontist. In children, it could be that they have hereditary issues, such as few or too many teeth, resulting in overcrowding. Sometimes, they could have an over or under bite. There are other reasons why you could need the help of an orthodontist. It maybe that you encounter an accident; have problems like finger sucking, oral health problems, or loss of teeth for any reason at all.

Just know that the best time to consider the help of a specialist who has gone through education for an orthodontist is as soon as you feel you have an oral health problem. If you consult an oral health provider and detect a problem, just take it up as a serious case and consult the orthodontist.

In kids, the best time is when they are seven or eight years of age (when their adult teeth start to develop). The orthodontist should be able to assess the child’s teeth and discuss the best treatment options available. If the treatment requires a delay, the orthodontist should be able to guide you well on the best duration.

Just ensure that you explore all your options and choose the best orthodontist in your area. Make sure they have years of experience, and they should be able to guide you on the best plan of treatment.

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