To interpret flirt signals correctly: How to tell if a woman is on you

To interpret flirt signals correctly: How to tell if a woman is on you

To interpret flirt signals correctly: How to tell if a woman is on you

Women flirt differently than men. The body language can sometimes reveal quite a bit about your chances of success. We’ll tell you what subtle female flirting signals you should pay attention to in women and what they mean.

Copy of flirting


“Does it find me good or completely uninteresting?” – This is not always easy for men to find out about the ties in. After all, the flirt signals of a woman can be pretty subtle, but who knows how to correctly interpret the feminine expressions of interest has the flirting ahead of the others!

physical contact

While many men can not stop grabbing, most women only touch if you really like a guy. So if she keeps touching you, putting her hand on your arm as you talk, or linting on your suit, the case is clear: this woman may be on your side! Keep flirting!


Make sure that her interlocutor keeps playing with the straw of her cocktail, constantly runs her hands through her hair or fingers with her hair chain. These signals indicate that she is nervous – and apparently interested in you. Crossed arms in combination with an opposite body mean: “Pull Leash!” So better go for the distance!

Upper body and legs

First observe yourself, then your flirt partner. When she imitates your gestures and posture, you can assume that you are sympathetic to her. When your conversation partner begins to fumble with her clothes and smooth her skirt – perfect! With these gestures she wants to draw your attention to her body. Even the legs of the woman send out signals: If she beats them on top of each other, rocks her upper leg or rocks a shoe on her toes, she can probably imagine more with you than just talking. Important: Always rely on a combination of several of these gestures!

eye contact

A glance often says more than a thousand words! Women do not like to express their interest in a man openly – and signal this usually with meaningful looks. Does she always look at you during the conversation and even look at you when you leave the room? Shine her eyes when she looks at you? Do you often blink? Does she look at your mouth when you speak and tilt her head? Then you have good chances! If, instead, your flame constantly looks at your phone or lets your gaze wander around the room, the thing is clear: this woman clearly has no interest!

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