Things She Secretly Wants You to do in Bed


Things She Secretly Wants You to do in Bed

Things She Secretly Wants You to do in Bed
As a man, one of the things that keep your relationship with your woman beautiful is how good she enjoys SEX with you. It might sound strange but that’s the simple truth. Most men don’t have an idea on what women actually want in Bed.
Recently most relationships are encountering challenges because of ”Poor Sex Life” both in Men and in women. The truth is every woman wants her man to be in control of her during sex.
Let me start by giving a brief explanation to what I mean by Poor Sex Life.
As we all know women actually enjoys sex a lot in any relationship. Poor Sex Life is when couples do not have regular sex, were Sex is seen as a burden rather than a deep intimacy, when a man is experiencing issue like weak erection, quick ejaculation etc. All Women want a Man who is Sexually Commanding.
Below are some tips on what she secretly want in bed even though she never say it.
  1. She wants lots of Foreplay
Dirty talk is one of the most sexual approaches a Man can ever learn. Most Men don’t know how to juice up, or touch the sensitive part of a woman instead they just want to rush things and enter her. Note that every woman absolutely loves dirty talk same as foreplay even before sex.
  1. Last Longer
The inability for a Man to make her woman experience orgasm in bed is an issue that can’t be overlooked. When you are having sexual intercourse with your woman she wants you to be dominant in bed, she wants you to maintain a strong erection like a rock and stay put long enough to make her come. She wants you to be sexually creative. All women hate it when their sex mate has a weak erection and get smooth in bed as soon as he enters her. Especially when you ejaculate too quickly because you cannot cope with the pleasure you get when penetrating her. If you want your woman to go wild in bed, you need at least 30 minutes of strong continual erection that will make her come multiple times.
  1. Learn more hot sex positions and use your hands.
Sex is one of the major issue relationships and marriages are facing today in our society, it’s very easy to know when your sex partner is fed up with one particular style during intercourse. Change your pattern, learn more new positions, go for tutorials, ask people around you. Note that if you cannot satisfy your woman in bed it takes grace for such relationship to remain in happiness for long. Most women can’t climax from penetration alone. Get your hands busy, reach around her body using your hands and always rub her clit.


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