Correct flirting to be learned. It’s not just about the behavior, but also on gestures, facial expressions and the external appearance. Experts advise women on the first date to a rather serious, in any case well-groomed appearance, to impress the male opposite already outwardly positive. For example, women put on make-up for a fresh, healthy-looking complexion. The staging of breasts and buttocks has an evolutionary origin, is to signal the male sexual maturity and fitness as a mother. And well-groomed, shiny hair stands for health, attractiveness and a certain social status. With her hairstyle and gestures that emphasize these, Frau shows that she is a good match
Flirting women (and of course men) constantly send out conscious and unconscious signs that signal rejection, affection, sympathy or antipathy. Alone the posture often reveals more than a thousand words , with much here has an evolutionary origin that goes back millennia.
Women unconsciously use the whole body while flirting
Even today, women unconsciously stage flirting body parts in which the man could already read in the gray past that she is suitable as a life partner for him. Make-up, for example, ensures a healthy-looking complexion . Prolonged breasts and a pronounced buttocks, which are often emphasized by the modern woman by a slight hollow cross, signal sexual maturation and breastfeeding .
Interestingly enough , a particularly strong female flirting signal comes from the wrist . If a woman supports her elbow on the table on a first date or accidental flirtation, she raises her forearm vertically, either letting her hand hang limply or folding her wrist outward. The flabby, vulnerable, defensive hand shows her well-being in the situation and at the same time signals her willingness to mate and a certain subservience .
In order to let the hormones of the man really flirt with the flirtation, women like to touch each other more or less easily. They touch the earlobe delicately, stroke their neck or gently touch their lower lip, which is erotic to the masters of creation. At the same time, the woman calms herself down with these gentle touches and cares for her personal relaxation.
Well-groomed hair signals the man health and attractiveness
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Combing, blow drying, braiding, styling: Even at a young age, women give their hair a lot of attention. Because beautiful hair has always stood for health and attractiveness. Shiny, well-groomed hair stands for a certain social status at the same time: Anyone who spends a lot of time, money and effort in an elaborate hairstyle and makes them stand out with flirting gestures is a good match for the man, according to the hidden message. 
Well-groomed hair and an attractive hairstyle are essential for successful flirting . For women who like it naturally, casual waves in the Undone look are suitable for dating With a straightening iron woman can achieve the desired look best. For this purpose, narrow strands are separated and wrapped around the straightener. However, care must be taken to wrap different sized strands of the face away from the straightener to get natural-looking waves.
Somewhat more sophisticated is a braiding hairstyle . For this reason, the woman just splits a small strand from the front and weaves it as close to the head as possible. The remaining hair is braided at the back to a loose braid. This hairstyle is particularly suitable for wild deposits on the dance floor ..
The ballerina bun makes a lot and looks elaborate, but is actually quite easy to style. For the perfect ballerina bun , the woman ties her hair into a ponytail and then winds her tips around a dutt pillow. Then you turn the Duttkissen together with the hair up until all the hair is completely rolled up. Now only the front strands of the ponytail solve and finished is a casual evening look for the first date .
beautiful hairstyle variation , which gives the look of the woman a little glamor, is half the pinning up of the hair. In addition, a woman teases her hair with a butt comb on the top of her head a bit and then takes the upper hair together at the back of the head. Then everything is briefly fixed with hair spray and finished is the glamor look .
Curls have a particularly seductive effect on the man
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It has been proven that wavy hair with beautiful curls on the man is not only very seductive and sexy on the first date. Also many stars and celebrities rely on the seductive effect of curly hair . Those who are naturally straight-lipped can get that look quickly and easily with the right tool.
Probably the fastest and easiest tool to long or short hair in a true curls  to turn , the curling iron . The curling iron is usually conical in shape and has a particularly heat-conducting surface made of ceramic or metal. The hair is stranded stranded on the heated rod and transformed within two to three seconds in great curls with high bounce .
For beginners, an automatic curling iron is recommended , which measures the necessary heat exactly on the basis of the hair structure to avoid hair damage. Even more volume is provided by rotating curling irons. In addition, there are special models for larger curls, which also bring thicker hair into shape without any problems. Small hair curlers are recommended for women with thinner, shorter hair.
Thanks to variable attachments, curling irons (depending on the model and equipment) not only make the hair as whole as possible, but also make it easy to curl up individual parts. Since the relatively high heat development of the curling iron hair can dry out, it should not be forgotten to apply a special heat protection spray before use


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