The Dangers Of Using Contraceptives



The Dangers Of Using Contraceptives

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As good as contraceptives are that’s how bad the disadvantages are.
Let me enlighten you about contraceptives for the benefits of those that don’t know.
Contraceptives are drugs that are used to prevent pregnancy. There are various types of contraceptives.
1: the drugs like prostinor 2 etc
2:  the implants ( we have the female one’s and the male ones, the can be implemented in the shoulder)
3: the injection
4 : c*nd*m and diaphragm
Just to mention a few.
Truly these contraceptives work and has been helping a lot of families for their family planning and stuff but many a times we tends not to look at the side effects of everything.         
When Some of this contraceptives are used always, they affect the menstral cycle, the menstruration won’t be regular.And when the menstruration is not regular then finding a baby is difficult.
Also some of this contraceptives involves the total removal means of preventing pregnancy. This is actually a very risky situation because it mean the couples should not except any baby again.
These contraceptives make peoples especially the women to look old, yes it make them look older than their age.
Even the majorly used c*nd*ms also has its issues, apparently some guys don’t know the rightful ways of keeping this things so it get exposed to direct sunlight, the put it in their back poket and sit on it for weeks and later when they have s3x they would have forgotten and the c#nd#m would tear. This can lead to an unwanted pregnancy and there is high chances of contracting STDs.
If you know other danger’s of contraceptives you can share. Thank you.
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