In this article I am going to show you why girls have been turning you down and treating you badly, then I am going to show you the exact things to do so you can change that and make them go crazily in love with you, plus the mistakes you are making with girls right now that is chasing them away from you and making them reject you.

A lot of guys and girls will attack this write up, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that this write up really improves YOUR life. 

Now; let’s do a little diagnoses. Let’s see if you need this write up. I am going to write out a list of problems, and if you see the one you are currently experiencing then you need this thread and you are going to learn a whole lot about how to effortlessly make girls fall for you..


– You love this girl, you have told her how much you love her but she still doesn’t take you seriously. Infact, the more you tell her how you feel the more she treats you like you are trash.

– You call her up and she doesn’t pick up, when she finally picks up she gives you a flimsy excuse why she didn’t pick or tells you to your face to leave her alone and stop bugging her life.

– You treat girls nicely but they are never nice to you, in return for your been nice they push you away and treat you like you don’t exist.

– Girls don’t reply your messages online. They ignore you like you don’t even exist.

– You have spent on a girl but it doesn’t seem to do the magic, they still end up calling you mugu/maga. Most times when you want to have a one on one time with a girl she shows up with her friend to the date and it’s just obvious she is using you.

– A girl had shown you greenlights, you were sure it was green light but when you returned the feelings she started withdrawing. Now she even avoids you. 

That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?. They(girls) have made you think that maybe you are not goodlooking enough, maybe you are not rich enough. They insult you to your face, treat you like waste bin, call you names, laugh at you to your face, tell their friends how very desperate you are and how they can’t stoop low to date you… 

What if I told you that I will show you what exactly to do in order to put a stop to the mistreatment you get from girls now. 

No, I’m serious. What if I told you that no matter what you are going through right now with girls I am going to show you how to put a stop to it, effortlessly make them fall in love with you and literally beg to come into your life.

Now, read this very carefully. 

In by book; Bang rule (see my profile for pictures) I explained these stuffs in details but let me give you a tip of the iceberg.

When you start wooing a girl, if she becomes too sure about how you feel for her she will joke with you, big time. 

Now, let me prove it for you

Have you not ever wondered why girls you love never love you back? Have you ever wondered why you show a girl love, show her how much you care for her but she still never returns your feelings. The more you show her you are seriously in love with her the more she withdrew from you and jokes with you like you are a toy. 

Have you never wondered about that? 

It’s because she has become sure. Sure that you like her, you are no more interesting again. You are like a movie she watched from the end. 

Now, read very slowly because I am about to show you the secrets players use to get girls fighting over them.

Think back to that ugly guy with a gorgeous babe who made you wonder what on earth she saw in him. That not so good looking guy in your Class that girls always seem to flock to.

It wasn’t that he was rich.
It wasn’t that he was handsome.

But girls still trip for him. 


I will show you why. 

Players have realized and have mastered three rules.

1. The Art of Mysterious-green light.
2. The Art Of seduction Speech
3. The Art Of Seductive perception


We guys are wired differently from girls. When a guy gets a greenlight from a babe, he returns it most times. Why? Because green lights from girls are rare. Girls believe they have to be chased and so they will hide it if they like a guy

But you see, girls get guys walking up to them every time. The average ones get about two guys checking them every week. 

If she is pretty, she probably gets two guys to walk up to her in a day to ask for her number – that is 14 guys in a week (do the maths)

The competition is stiff and players know this. So what they do is to use a strategy most guys don’t use to break into the competition. 

If you have ever had a girl cheat on you with a guy then this is probably what he used.

So how does “Mysterious Green Light” work?

Let me show you; girls don’t like guys they can control. Two; girls have a way of looking down on a guy they are sure really likes them. So when you walk up to her and tell her how much you love her, it shuts down her head and makes her treat you like a fan. 

Want to try this? Find a girl you are close to – just a friend, tell her you have started falling in love with her and watch her reaction. 

I don’t know why it always happens that way but I’m pretty sure her behavior will change and she will start acting really cold around you – just try it.

The best way to make a girl take you seriously is to make her wonder; girls will always tell you they want a sweet guy who is very loving – wash, wash, wash. 

If you want her to make her see you as someone she must have, then you need to make her wonder if you really like her (I explained how to do that in my book; The Bang Rule). 

But truth be told, a girl won’t wonder if you like her if she doesn’t have an atom of interest in you. 

I’m typing this in my car and I am kinda in a rush so as to attend to something, In my next post, on this thread, I will show you how to create massive interest in a girl and magnet her to you plus more killer players’ secret that I use to get girls begging to come into my life.



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