Make Her Want You: 3 Effective Ways To Make Her Want You

3 Effective Ways To Make Her Want You

Hello, reader Welcome to my blog, Today I want to teach you the effective secret in attraction. The 3 ways to make her obsessed with you, to make her way you always

3 Effective Ways To Make Her Want You

3 Ways To Mark Her Want You

1. Befriend Her: The first way to get under a woman’s skin, in a good way, is to befriend her. Having the goal of just befriending her at the beginning relieves the pressure from you to immediately become the object of her sexual desire. It’s breaking this down in to more simple steps. How you go about befriending a girl is to make a connection that isn’t sexual in nature off the bat with the goal that, later on, she will become quite fixated on you and only you. You do this by remembering the important details of her life, making her laugh, and connecting on your interests and have a good time together. How you get to know someone is by asking questions. The obvious what-do-you-do-for-work-question isn’t a bad jumping off point. Or what-do-you-take-in-school-question because the follow up is where you shine. You simply ask, “what made you get into that field?” or different variations of that. Such as, “what’s the best/most rewarding part of your job?” etc. These are thoughtful questions that allow a girl to open up to you, ultimately helping you get to know her better. The big but here, so that you don’t get friend zoned, is that you befriend her without being too available. Being too available is where men get friend zoned… hard! You don’t want to be at her beckon call. The thing about going in with the goal of friendship is that it lets her guard down, allows her to be more herself, but then when you start to implement the next steps, she will start to develop more than just platonic feelings for you. You will subconsciously create a desire in her to want to be with you sexually. Another key way that you don’t put yourself in the friend zone is to make sure that you put yourself first, which is our next point.
2. Put Yourself First: Putting yourself first means that you don’t put all of your eggs into one basket. You want to make yourself the object of her desire, but that comes with being a man that isn’t readily available to a woman all the time. Like in the friend zone, you don’t want to be the guy that she can call to dish about other guys, which means you need to actively be playing the field. Subtly let her know that you’re around other women. Funny stories about women coming on to you. Or telling stories about you spending time with other women, even if they are your actual friends. A lot of men make the mistake of giving a woman all of his time and attention too early on, which doesn’t prompt her to do any of the chasing and puts her in control of the relationship, which is not what you want. Putting yourself first means that your career and or school is your top priority. Men that have priorities and stick to them are very desirable to be with. It also poses a challenge to a woman to try to be your one exception. The next thing that shouldn’t fall to the way side are your personal hobbies, passions and friendships, after that, your time and attention can be on dating women. Doing this sends a subliminal signal that your life is important and that you are a man of value. This is the number one way to communicate confidence. So look out for number one! If you want to learn more about how to become the confident man that women chase and fixate on, head over to and get yourself a copy of my free attraction building handbook. You can find it at and it won’t cost you a dime! Our third and final way to make any woman want you is to touch her at the right time.
3. Touch to Create Tension: It’s no secret that creating sexual tension is one of the number one ways to make a woman crave you. Sex would be nothing without tension. And how you do this is through touch, but touching at the right time.


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