How To Interpret Flirt Signals Correctly (Practice Series Mimic Analysis)

How To Interpret Flirt Signals Correctly (Practice Series Mimic Analysis)

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Women interpret flirtsignals correctly only in 18 percent of the cases, men in 36 percent. Practicing is worthwhile. It’s a good coincidence that the new season of the RTL dome show “Der Bachelor” started last week. A man picks his dream wife out of 22 women. At the end of each episode he distributes a rose to his favorites. The ladies without Rose retire. Those who want to practice detecting flirting signals learn a lot in this show. In today’s blog post we look at a selection of non-verbal signals that tell you that your counterpart is interested in you.
Pay attention to joy and interest in facial expressions

Since we show our feelings most clearly in our face, my tip is: rely on the signals of facial expressions. In the first episode of last Wednesday, the bachelor Oliver meets for the first time on the candidates. If you look closely, you will see that he is very interested in the first female candidate, Lisa Marie. When he gets her out of the car, he shows real joy in his facial expressions. This is visible in the eyes, where, with real pleasure, the outer eye-ring muscle contracts and the eyes become smaller. Brain research provides an explanation of joy: studies have shown that when we see someone we find attractive, our pleasure and reward center starts to bounce in our brains.

An expression of interest immediately follows the real joy, visible in the fact that he raises his eyebrows and upper eyelids slightly. With this expression, we enlarge our field of vision to perceive more of the other. So if you see joy or interest in your opponent, you have good cards in a flirtation.

When HE scratches his chin, he finds you attractive.

The current favorite of the Bachelor seems to be the candidate Sarah. With her, Oliver has at least shown the strongest flirting signals. During the conversation with her, he keeps looking embarrassed to the ground. Embarrassment is, in addition to joy and interest, a typical signal that someone pleases us. Finally, Oliver goes to cloth filling with Sarah. His goodbye goes to her hip, which is a very intimate gesture and a definite flirting signal.

Afterwards, Oliver also scratches his chin. In one study it could be shown that in the presence of attractive women touches in the area of ​​beard growth increase significantly. If you, dear ladies, see a scratch on the chin in combination with one of the other signals, such as joy or interest, in a man, then that’s a good sign that he finds you attractive.

If she tilts her head, the spark has jumped over

The 6er in the lottery under the facial expressions when flirting, however, is another signal. This signal was shown by Lisa Marie and Karina when they saw Oliver: a slightly tilted head combined with real joy in facial expressions. That’s the prototypical expression when it gets us completely. Incidentally, this expression not only shows the ladies, but also the lords of creation betrayed so that they have fallen in love. Karina said after the first meeting with the bachelor herself: “It could happen that I fall seriously in love here.” Her facial expressions say: She has already fallen in love.

Flirting is easy if you can read the signals in your facial expressions correctly. You will read in my new book “The love code – how to decode facial expressions and find your dream partner”, how you will not miss a signal in the future and also send the right signals yourself. 

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