How To Develop The Confidence To Woo Very Pretty Girls

How To Develop The Confidence To Woo Very Pretty Girls

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There are some type of girls that just make a guy loose hope.

These types of girls are so beautiful that their beauty makes them intimidating. They are classy, they dress well, guys are always chasing after them…

When it comes to this type of girls a lot of guys just chicken out and convince themselves not to make moves on such girls (even though they dream of dating her type).

Such guys say things like: 

“Oboy, na only rich guys this babe go dey roll with. Make I bone am”


“This kind girl no go like me, she too fine abeg”

No matter the reason you give for not approaching very pretty girls you like, all those reasons are wash.

Let’s face the truth and shame the devil *big smile*…

The real reason why you don’t walk up to her is not because you are not rich enough.
– it’s not because you are not a “big boy”.

IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE SCARED (never lie to yourself). And it’s because of INFERIORITY COMPLEX

If you can pause and admit the truth to yourself you will agree with me that – You lack the confidence, that is the real reason why you did not make your move. 

When a man lacks confidence to do something he starts to make up excuses.

And the fact is this: Statistics have it that 92% of guys end up marrying girls they don’t like just because they lack the CONFIDENCE to woo the pretty ones they like.

That is; dream about marrying a beautiful woman all you want – if your confidence level is low, you will only end up with an easy catch that you don’t like.

But here is the good news, it doesn’t matter how scared you are of wooing pretty girls now – every man can improve in that area of his life. And I mean, every man – no matter how shy.


2 things can increase a man’s confidence when it comes to wooing very pretty girls (not just any girl – extremely pretty one).

One; it’s either you get drunk and then make your move.


Two; you learn how to become more confident with those type of girls. 

I will not advice you to take option one (the next morning you will wake up, with a clear eye and you will still be the same guy you were before you drank”wink  How To Develop The Confidence To Woo Very Pretty Girls wink

so, that leaves us with option 2, which is, Learn how to be more confident with girls. 

So how can you achieve this…?

I wish I could tell you that all you need to do is to buy a tablet and drink or to buy my eBook and read and you will become more confident, but it’s not that easy…

No matter the wash you might hear from someone else, If you want to become more confident you have to learn it…Yourself. 

That’s the only way. 

How do you learn it? 

By going out, stopping pretty girls you like and talking to them. 

Lol, don’t freak out now. I know it sounds difficult but I have written an article right here on nairaland that would make it easy for you to approach pretty girls easily: click this link to read it:

People are not born with confidence, same way you were not born with the ability to walk.

You have to learn it. 

You don’t have to make mistakes while at it, in that link I listed out tips that work in disarming pretty girls if you use them in approaching those type of girls.

As you practice what’s on that link, you would feel fake at first but with time it gets easier, becomes part of your personality and before you know it – you become extremely confident. 

It will take time but it will finally happen. 

Now, click that link above.

If you want to receive direct advice from me, feel free to visit my website (see my signature for my website address) click on the first article there, scroll down to the bottom and you will see a box, add your email and click “enter”wink  How To Develop The Confidence To Woo Very Pretty Girls wink:

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