Flirtsignals: How to successfully convey your interest

Flirtsignals: How to successfully convey your interest

Interpret flirtsignals correctly? Not easy! Surely you know the following situation: You are sitting in the café with a book in your hand and someone is smiling to you from the next table all the time. And you wonder if the guest next door really means you. Others, on the other hand, find this affirmation of interest like hieroglyphics from another world.
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The interpreting of these interpersonal signs is not something for everyone. The repertoire of body language for flirting is quite clear: a brief eye contact, an embarrassed smile, a casual touch or a charming compliment. On closer inspection, you have an efficient range of flicker signals available to help you quickly increase your heart rate.
But the game of sending and interpreting signals can quickly lead to misunderstandings. Because men and women each use a different flirting vocabulary. How to flirt also depends on which type you meet. We tell you which are the most popular signals of women and which men prefer. In addition, we draw your attention to the different flirting types and give you flirting tips , so that you can correctly evaluate the characters according to your character and actively send them out yourself.

The top flirt signals of men and women

First of all, you need to be aware that gender plays a crucial role when it comes to flirting techniques. While men jump on physical contact very quickly, the woman’s erogenous flirting zone is in the ear canal. A look at our study data shows that the signals of women and men also differ in other areas.

The top 3 flirts of the woman

According to our Parship study, women tend to be passive in flirting . Her body language is more defensive, facial expressions and gestures use them more indirectly.
In 30 percent of the surveyed participants, the smile is a popular flirting signal at the top.
Whether shy or self-confident, with a friendly expression they are quick to win. This sign of interest can be found on the popularity scale with eye contact : a teasing wink or a seductive eye-opening is enough to make the female heart beat. 18 percent of the women surveyed are also not averse to physical contact. An accidental body contact can already trigger goose bumps. Men, watch out! The ears are also susceptible to flirting: cute words and charming compliments are still considered the number one flirting signal in 12 percent of women.

Top flirting signals of the man

The ranking of the top flirting strategies of the male sex is almost reversed here. The Lords of Creation are much more offensive and direct with flirting signals.
Body contact comes first in 34 percent of respondents.
Men are in the truest sense of the word with their flirting signals in touch. If someone is always looking for physical contact with “accidental” touches, the chances of a promising flirting are particularly high. Second place is followed by smiles at 27 percent, followed by eye contact in third place.
With words men are less enthusiastic. Just four percent use compliments as Flirtwaffe.

The match of the flirtsignals: tie between the two sexes

When it comes to provoking others, men and women agree in the Parship study. Both nine percent of women and men like it when teasing each other. Irony is a language that both parties understand well. After all, fifth place among the top flirtsignals in men and women.
An absolute no-go : The flirt partner makes himself scarce or shows the cold shoulder. Such provocations do not arouse a hunting instinct. In this, both genders agree with zero percent participation.

Flirtsignals: You should pay attention to these flirt types

As Professor Jeffrey Hall of the University of Kansas notes, there is not one flirting strategy. However, in a study he has identified five types of flirting that can tell you who is showing serious intentions with his flare signals and who you should not be fooled by. We will take a closer look at these five types.

1. The Traditional

He holds the door open for you, helps you in the jacket and straightens the chair. The traditional character prefers the classic role allocation. In this case, the woman should avoid taking the first step and leaving this to the man so that he can unpack his gentleman qualities. The flirtsignals he sends, of course, are very well received by women. The “traditional” is next to the “physical” and “playful” to the most popular flirting types. Even in online dating, he finds a growing following.
Tip: Men should therefore get an attractive profile  photo to increase their flirting opportunities.

2. The physical

The bodily flirtation type is governed by nonverbal communication. He leaves all his work to his body by accidentally touching your hand or taking a similar attitude towards you. But the “physical” has to be careful that his approach will also find a response.
Important: If he behaves too overhand, the flirt partner feels uncomfortable in the end.

3. The sincere

He is probably one of the most common types. His flirtsignals work in public above all compliments or increased attention. He makes nice comments about your look or your style of clothing. Or he shows interest in the book you are reading. The “sincere” is immediately aimed at creating a common ground through which you can communicate and experience so much about each other.
Good to know: If there is no relationship for you to jump out of this – valuable friends can never be had enough.

4. The playful

This flirting guy is very controversial. People who use a “playful” approach to flirting often use this method to attract attention or even exploit a situation in the end. He is primarily concerned with the flirting game without pursuing any further intention on your part.
Caution: With the “playful” you land very easily in a short-term relationship, on a longer-term partnership you may rather not speculate.

5. The polite

The last type of flirt is especially popular with quiet and introverted people: the polite. His flirt signals are characterized by friendliness, understanding and restraint. He is extremely accommodating and charming. He wants to make everything right for you, but out of sheer politeness never dares to take the next step.
The flip side of this flirting character: you might not even realize that a flirting is currently going on.

Send flirt signals in 4 steps without misunderstandings

Not everyone is always aware of their facial expressions and gestures, so the targeted use will be learned. In four steps, we show you how to flirt, so that your counterpart can clearly recognize, correctly interpret and react to your signals:

Level 1: Pay attention to your own body language

  • Stay authentic
  • Do not overdo with your expression
  • Signal serious intentions

Stage 2: Flirt targeted

  • Assure that it was not a one time signal
  • Make sure your attention is focused on your counterpart and no one else
  • Repeat the flashing signal as a precaution

Stage 3: Become more concrete

  • Approach gradually spatial
  • Decrease the distance
  • Maybe create a common space

Stage 4: Wait for the reaction

  • Take the reactions of your counterpart
  • Mirror the flirt signals
  • Bull’s-eye: Synchronize your characters you had success

Conclusion: send a clear message, interpret and respond according to the type

How to flirt successfully depends on how clear and genuine the messages you send out are. When receiving flare signals, be aware of the different intentions of each type of flirt to interpret them correctly. Does anyone just want to play with you or are serious intentions behind it? By recognizing the signs correctly, you can more quickly avoid misunderstandings and know immediately what you are getting into.

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