Flirting: the basis of flirting

Flirting: the basis of flirting

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Flirting Tips: 1. Go through life satisfied.

Only those who are in agreement with themselves and their lives can flirt. A positive charisma is the basis. So consider yourself a boring or a wallflower, work on your self-esteem first and then on the flirting technique.

Flirting Tips: 2. Smile

A friendly face works wonders. Your smile opens you and others. It makes it easier to address strangers and encourages strangers to contact you. Anyone who thinks that a calm, cool expression looks attractive, stays alone for a long time. Only a good-natured, open person promises fun.

Flirting tips: 3. Find eye contact

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. That is also why they are the first sense when it comes to contact. At first glance at him / her casually and only a moment longer than usual. Smile. Do your eyes find themselves again and again? Then there is interest. If the other one avoids your gaze, turns away or even changes the location, you can save further advances.

Flirting tips: 4. No sayings

Say goodbye to phrases that you have read somewhere to address you or him. “Hello” or “Hello, my name is Carola Musterfrau”, comes naturally and honestly. Interested questions to the others help to open the conversation.

Flirting Tips: 5. Do not just talk about dream types

Those who are only looking for the busty brunette or the broad-shouldered blonde deprive themselves of many good opportunities. Who addresses only potential marriage candidates, narrows his radius too strong. Go for people who are nice to you, who look friendly and interesting, even if they have no dreaming. The advantage for you: you flirt much more relaxed and therefore more successful.

Flirting tips: 6. Recognize the body language

Does the flirt partner show you the cold shoulder? Or does he / she turn to you with the whole body? Watch these nonverbal signals. Train them to recognize by watching people.
Are two friends very close together and talking confidentially? Then they are enough. On the other hand, when they let their eyes wander and there is room in front of or between them, they signal that we are open for new contacts.

Flirting tips: 7. Put manageable goals

They define what flirtation is. A nice conversation, a phone number, an appointment for coffee? Do not be under pressure to have a romantic candlelight dinner or a house visit in your pocket with everyone.

Flirting Tips: 8. Respect

Pay tribute to everyone. Especially yourself. Also respect existing relationships. If the flirting partner is short-tempered, silent or says no, he / she may have a bad day or is happily married. Respect the “no”. Say goodbye in a friendly and confident way. Not everyone is as relaxed and confident as you are. Some people are unsure about being addressed.

Flirting Tips: 9. Agree

A new contact is a tender little plant. Carefully approach each other for the first two minutes. What does he / she like? What do we have in common? Do not contradict in this phase, but look for the similarities. Even if the other one has a hobby that leaves you completely cold, you never counter: “I can not do anything with that.” Save your comment and ask what else fascinates the other so much. Because perhaps the quiet hobby anglers will like the sporty diver: life in the water, silence, nature. And you already have a pleasant topic of conversation that brings you closer together.

Flirting tips: 10. New places, new opportunities

Have you ever flirted in a museum, at a football match, in a library, in a yoga class or at a car race? Motor race? “Only men go there.” Exactly. And in the yoga class, according to experience, many women. Increase your chances, choose unusual places.

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