Best drug for flatten stomach in 2018

Best drug for flatten stomach

Drugs for weight loss are not a very effective method of achieving your desired outcome.

Instead, focus on leading a healthy lifestyle. In brief, that is: –

  • Portion sizes for 1 person (don’t over indulge at dinner, breakfast, lunch)
  • Cut out snacks between meals
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid white sugar and sweet foods and fizzy carbonated beverages
  • Replace any sweetness in your diet with natural sugars like fruit or honey
  • Introduce some physical activity to your daily routine. Instead of getting in the car to go to your local shop – walk instead. If you get the bus, try getting off the bus 1 stop before and walk the rest of the way.

Losing weight, or reducing fat from your body doesn’t have to be the long hard slog of dieting or buying magic pills. Make some sensible healthy lifestyle adjustments to your daily routine and watch the fat melt away. If you do this, you have a far greater chance of achieving permanent weight loss. Diets or pills tend only to provide a short term fix, and further on down the line you re-gain the weight (often with a little more).

In order to assist you in making these smarter choices, I have a very powerful mind programming weight loss therapy session available on my internet if this is of interest to you.


  • Leptin injections for those who are obese due to leptin deficiency
  • Insulin blockers and something that attacks your pancreas (basically giving you type I diabetes, NOT recommended)
  • Cocaine/stimulants because they affect your appetite which decreases your appetite
  • If you went into a 2 month coma with someone consistently injecting benzodiazepines and infusing glucose in your blood you’d probably lose some belly fat (also not recommended)
  • SSRI’s can also reduce appetite, leading to weight loss and reduction in visceral fat
  • Let’s say for some reason you wanted to mimic the effect of hypothyroidism. You’d lose belly fat (and fat everywhere else too)

See you at the gym. There are no drugs that are suitable for human weight loss on the market. With the obesity crisis of almost 10% of the world population, a chemical like that would revolutionize pharmaceutics for the next three decades.

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