7 exercises to get rid of Of double Chin in 30 days!



These 7 exercises can help you get rid of face fat in 30 days!

Hate double chin? Do these 7 exercises to get rid of it in 30 days!

TNN | Feburary 23, 2018
These 7 exercises can help you get rid of face fat in 30 days!

1/8These 7 exercises can help you get rid of face fat in 30 days!

Who doesn’t want that prominent jawline? And to our good-luck, enhancing your cheekbones and shedding of that extra fat from your face is much easier than what you thought. After 25, your skin starts to deteriorate no matter what product you use. Doing facial exercises is the key to look younger. Also, if you hate your face fat, these exercises will help you melt it away. Facial exercises are as important as exercising the rest of your body. Facial exercises help increase the blood circulation and counteract wrinkles as well. So, here we bring to you seven facial exercises that will enhance your smile, shoo away that fat and make you look younger.


2/8​Do OO-EE

DO OO-EE: The simplest of all, this exercise requires you to make the sound of 00-EE with exaggerated facial movements. Making the sound of 00-EE helps you target the muscles between your upper lip and nose and your lips as well. 

​Do brow lifts

3/8​Do brow lifts

DO BROW LIFTS: Exercising the muscles of your forehead is important and easy as well. Make the victory sign from your fingers and place the two fingers at the end and start point of each eyebrow. Now applying a bit pressure push the skin down with your fingers and then pull it up. Repeat this motion 10 times. You can do 3 sets with 10 movements in each set. Then, take some rest and do a set of another 3. 

​Do a face lift exercise

4/8​Do a face lift exercise

DO A FACE LIFT EXERCISE: This exercise again works on the muscles around your upper lips and thus, prevents sagging. Performing this exercise nicely will give you a better smile and show more of your upper teeth while you smile. To do this exercise, open your mouth and flare your nostrils. Draw your upper lip as high as you can and be like that for 10 seconds. Leaving your mouth open, place your index fingers on your cheekbones and curl up the upper lip while applying the pressure on the cheeks with the fingers. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat 10 times. 

​Exercise by smiling

5/8​Exercise by smiling

EXERCISE BY SMILING: This exercise will not only make your face slim but also make you look more beautiful. Practice smiling will not only firm up your smile but also make you look beautiful because you smile. To do this exercise slowly move your mouth to the position of a full smile. You can try and control each position which will give you a better control of your face and smiling capabilities. Stretch your smile the maximum you can. Repeat 10 times.

​Push your forehead with your hands

6/8​Push your forehead with your hands

PUSH YOUR FOREHEAD WITH YOUR HANDS: This exercise will help you create smooth lines on your forehead. To perform the exercise, place the bottom of each of your palms over your eyebrows. Now, you palm rise your eyebrows like you do when you are surprised or angry. Now bring them down and do it 10 times. Wait for some time and then again raise the brows for 30 seconds and lower them and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 10 times. 

​Mouth exercise

7/8​Mouth exercise

MOUTH EXERCISE: This exercise targets your lips and cheeks. To perform this exercise, make a fish face with both your lips joined and forward, same as when you pout. Now push your pout to the left, come back to the centre and then push towards the right. Repeat it 10 times.

​Double chin exercise

8/8​Double chin exercise

DOUBLE CHIN EXERCISE: As the name suggests this exercise helps you get rid of your double chin. Keeping your face straight, move your lower jaw as forward as you can along with raising your chin. Come back to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. 


Do you feel cold all the time? 6 reasons it could be worrisome!

TNN | Feburary 21, 2018
Reasons you always feel cold

1/7Reasons you always feel cold

Are you one of those who tend to shiver when no one around them is feeling cold? If this happens to you quite frequently, then you must not ignore it. This is because there could be a lot of issues that can lead to this continual feeling of coldness. Our body relies on various chemical reactions to keep its warmth and when there is a significant deficiency of essential nutrients, it may make you feel cold all the time.

Low levels of iron

2/7Low levels of iron

LOW LEVELS OF IRON: Iron content is important for the smooth functioning of our body. This critical nutrient of our body helps red blood cells to carry oxygen in the body. This ensures that each cell in the body works properly. If there is an iron deficiency in the body, it will impact this process and you might feel cold all the time.

Poor blood circulation

3/7Poor blood circulation

POOR BLOOD CIRCULATION: If you find that it’s just your hands and feet that stay cold all the time, it indicates poor blood circulation. Also, it should be noted that if you feel cold generally on one side of the body, you might be suffering from a heart disease, which is referred to as atherosclerosis.

Seasonal affective disorder

4/7Seasonal affective disorder

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER: Commonly known as SAD, this condition is often related to depression, anxiety and fatigue, especially in winter. According to health experts, SAD tends to lower dopamine in the body and you may become too sensitive to cold weather.

Not sleeping properly

5/7Not sleeping properly

NOT SLEEPING PROPERLY: Mostly, body temperature drops when you don’t get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep impacts the nervous system and also brain’s regulatory mechanism that regulates heat. It could affect metabolism and can make you feel sluggish too.

Your gender

6/7Your gender

YOUR GENDER: This fact may surprise you but according to scientists, women feel colder than men. They conducted an experiment wherein heat-sensing cameras were used to take snapshots of their body temperature. It found out that on average, women were 3 degree C colder than men. Another study also found out that women can efficiently cope up with hot weather conditions but when it’s about cold temperature, they are less likely to tolerate it.

Your weight

7/7Your weight

YOUR WEIGHT: If you’re underweight, you have a lack of body fat that could help to insulate heat and could keep you warm. If you are overweight, it reduces heat loss around the abdomen area but not in your hands and feet. Studies also say that obese people tend to have a lower core body temperature. Hence, you should try to maintain an ideal body weight.

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