5 Cooking Tips For People Who Hate To Cook But Don’t Eat Out



5 Cooking Tips For People Who Hate To Cook But Don’t Eat Out

Everybody wants to eat good, delicious and mouthwatering food. But how many people are willing to cook? The fact is that there are several people out there who hate cooking.

Interestingly, this is not peculiar to guys alone. I have met ladies who don’t like spending time in the kitchen.

Not that they don’t know how to cook, but they are too busy to spend time cooking in the kitchen. They will rather tailor that time to do something else that pleases them.

Since you will not have helper or girlfriend around all the time to help you with cooking. We have come up with 5 cooking tips that will make the whole kitchen exercise easy for you.

5 Cooking Tips For People Who Hate To Cook But Don’t Eat Out

#1. Cereals

One of the tips for people who hate to cook but don’t eat out is cereals. You should have cornflakes or different types of corn or wheat products at home.

This will go a long way replenish your stomach when you are hungry. Depending on your choice, you can take cornflakes, golden morn, oat etc and take it with milk or sugar.

#2. Sauces

Sauce is another easy to prepare meal that you can use to eat rice. It involves slicing your tomatoes, pepper, onions and prepare it with vegetable oil and other ingredients.

Preparing sauce is very fun and interesting. It will not take your time that much. You can watch online videos on how to prepare a delicious sauce.

#3. Fried Chicken, Chips and plantain

This is arguably the easiest dish you can cook outside noodles. However, you need a very deep frying pan and vegetable oil to prepare this meal.

The first thing you need is to get chips. You can either buy an already processed chip, mixed and dump inside your frying pan or go through the process of cutting yam and potatoes. The choice is yours to make.

You will also need a frozen chicken that you will fry along with chips and plantain. So, once you have your frozen chicken, the ship is set to sail.

#4. Fried Egg And Bread

Fried egg and bread is also among the good cooking tips for people who hate cook but don’t eat outside. It is very easy to prepare and it doesn’t take time at all.

#5. Oats And Custard

This is relatively very easy to prepare, all you need is hot water. Dissolve the custard with cold water and pour hot water until it becomes thick. It is as easy as that.
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