3 Ways to Use Cloves to Ease Toothache

3 Ways to Use Cloves to Ease Toothache

Toothache happens to be an experience that involves excruciating pain and most of us have experienced it at one point or the other. 
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Cloves can be exactly what you need under such circumstances. Rich in the chemical known as eugenol, these have been used as a home remedy since time immemorial and have proven to be extremely beneficial for treating toothache. 

Consulting with a dentist when you have a toothache is quite essential. Therefore, if you don’t get an appointment with the right dentist immediately it can turn out to be an agonizing situation. 
3 Ways to Use Cloves to Ease Toothache clove1

Cloves come to your rescue at this juncture. The eugenol contained in cloves is widely used as an anesthetic and analgesic. This is particularly the case with dentistry. The clove oil is the most beneficial for the toothaches but the whole cloves are also quite effective. 
Here are some of the ways for using cloves to ease the toothache. Just take a look. 
3 Ways to Use Cloves to Ease Toothache clove

  • · Use Clove as Oil – The clove oil can be purchased over the counter as a home-remedy for the dental pain relief mainly for correcting the toothache. This is one of the best ways for using cloves to get relief from toothache. For this, you need clove oil, half a teaspoon of coconut or olive oil and cotton balls. If you are not getting any access of clove oil at home, you can grind cloves with pestle and mortar or a blender or coffee grinder. You should use warm salted water for mouth rinsing. You should mix about 3 drops of clove oil with a ½ teaspoon of coconut or olive oil.  For this, you need to soak the cotton balls in the mixture and hold it on the painful area gently but with a firm hand. Within a few minutes, the anaesthetic properties of clove will start to show.  After removing the cotton ball, you should ensure that you don’t swallow anything and use lukewarm water for rinsing. 
  • · Go for Whole Cloves – You can place a whole clove near the hurting tooth or just in your mouth. Then bite down in order to release the oil. After that, you have to wait. When you taste a bitter taste along with a sensation of tingling on the tongue, you know that the oil has released. Both while chewing the tobacco and while using the oil, you may want to spit. But abstain from doing it. You have to wait for at least 2 minutes before rinsing your mouth with warm water. For a couple of hours, the analgesic effect will exist and in about 8-10 minutes the bitter taste will subside. 

  • · Crushed Cloves Can also be Effective – Toothache can also be controlled if you place whole cloves against your aching teeth. This is ideal in case your teeth are so painful that it is impossible to crush the cloves in your mouth. For this, you need to take a thin fabric or a piece of cheesecloth and place 3-4 cloves inside. Tie the cloves inside the cloth for making a small bag. Then place it on the table and crush the cloves with a heavy bag or book.  After that, you can place the bag in your mouth near the tooth. Use your saliva for moistening the bag in order to ensure that the saliva releases. You can also sprinkle some amount of clove powder over the tooth for getting relief from the pain.

  • The above are some of the ways in which you can use clove for diminishing and controlling your toothache. However, clove only provides temporary relief and in order to put an end to your discomfort, detecting the actual reason is essential. So you should consult with the best dentist in Forest Ave Queens as soon as possible. This way the actual issue lurking in your mouth can be detected and treated and you can restore your oral health before there is some permanent damage. 

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