4 Popular Nigerian Foods You Need To Stop Urgently

4 Popular Nigerian Foods You Need To Stop Urgently

The human body is just like a plant. Plant only survives and grows when there is adequate supply of essential nutrients required for its development.

4 Popular Nigerian Foods You Need To Stop Urgently

Plant may also fall sick and die if the required nutrients are not available in the right proportions. This is also applicable to the human body. I’m pretty sure you are aware of the fact that the nature of foods you consume daily has a great impact on your well-being. This is why you ought to be very mindful of what you consume as food.
Abnormal consumption of food has led to the death of countless humans and I’m sure you wouldn’t like to join the category of people who have been buried for this reason.
Since your wellness is our concern at Soundhealtdoc, we have pointed out some popular foods you must avoid to maintain healthiness.
These foods do not only contribute to unnecessary weight gain but could also induce the eruption of deadly ailments due to the fact that they contain many potentially harmful ingredients.
It would be a great symptom of incompleteness, if we list these foods without providing alternatives. Therefore, we would also ensure the availability of better alternatives.
Below are four popular foods in Nigeria you need to stop consuming to avoid digging your own grave.

1. Soft Drinks

Research has shown that soft drinks, most especially the sugary ones causes a lot of deadly diseases, such as; cancer, diabetes, obesity, liver failure and other heart related diseases.
If you must stop consuming only one type of food, then it should be soft drinks. The consumption of soft drinks, such as coke, fanta, sugary malts, among  hundreds of others, has no nutritional benefits to your body system. The frequent intake of sugary drinks causes more harm than good.
Drinking two cans of coke, fanta or any other soft drink weekly increases the rate of insulin production in the pancrease, which gives rise to pancreatic cancer. Soft drinks also causes prostrate cancer in males and breast cancer in females.
A can of coke contains 12 cubes of sugar which makes it a great source of Type 2 diabetes.
The list of deadly diseases that could originate as a result of the consumption of soft drinks is endless. We wouldn’t advise you to minimize the consumption of soft drinks because it is not a preventive measure. We would advise you to STOP consuming soft and sugary drinks. STOP IT!
There are better alternatives. Water happens to be one of the alternatives. Instead of drinking coke and other sugary drinks, kindly drink clean water.
If you can’t take ordinary water, add some fresh fruits to spice it up. You can also consume cucumber and water melon as better alternatives.

2. Juice

Unlike fruits, juice lacks fiber. Fiber helps to decelerate the rate of sugar digestion. Consuming juice which lacks adequate fiber is another method of taking excess sugar. I’m sure you are aware of the danger of taking excess sugar.
Instead of taking juice which is practically unhealthy for your body system, kindly consume fresh fruits. The consumption of Juice is a threat to your well-being. STOP IT!

3. High Margarine Foods

Margarine contains excess fats which increases bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol. Abnormal proportion of cholesterol causes inflammation and other diseases.
Foods, such as crackers, snacks, microwaved popcorn, which contain high proportion of margarine should be avoided.
Before consuming any biscuit or any snack, thoroughly check the ingredients, if it contains high margarine, shun it. It’s more advisable to avoid snacks and other processed foods made of margarine.

4. Processed Meat And Fish Products

When you check the label of virtually all the processed and packaged meat and fish products, you won’t be able to know most of the ingredients used in processing the fish or meat. This is because the ingredients are not foods, they are potentially harmful chemicals which could be preservatives, colourants and flavours.
These chemicals which are used as ingredients in processing and packaging fish and meat products could cause you numerous medical damages. They are totally unsafe. Therefore, we advise you to go for freshly cooked meat and fish instead of consuming what you don’t know.
Processed meat and fish products like hot dogs, bacon, corned beef, sardines, ham among others should be avoided. The preservatives used in processing these foods causes cancer and other health maladies.
The aforementioned foods are popular and a good number of Nigerians are addicted to some of these foods, but for the sake of your life and wellness, you should stop consuming these foods. Exploit better alternatives to ensure a better and healthier LIFE.

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