The healthiest ingredients for your smoothie


The healthiest ingredients for your smoothie
As the weather warms and the sun gets stronger, our cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables and smoothies rise again. You should definitely mix these ingredients in your smoothies.
Smoothies are an all-time favorite because they are quick to prepare, even the craziest creations usually taste good and provide us with plenty of vitamins. However, it does not overdo it, because even fruit contains sugar and is not healthy in rough amounts.
To get the most out of your smoothie, be sure to mix the following ingredients:
  • wheatgrass

    Over 20 amino acids, some 100 enzymes and 90 minerals, lots of vitamins are in the green stalks. 
    Already a teaspoon of wheatgrass powder in your smoothie on an empty stomach and you are well prepared for the day.
  • barley grass

    Also in this grass is a high nutrient density, even 5 times more iron than in spinach. It lowers cholesterol and balances your acid-base balance.
  • hemp oil

    One of the best vegetable oils with the highest content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The cold-pressed oil tastes nutty and contains Omega-3, -6 and -9.
  • coconut water

    The perfect, low-fat and low-calorie electrolyte supplier that gives your smoothie a sweetish taste.
  • pistachios

    They are full of healthy fats, proteins, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. They quickly saturate and strengthen your immune system.
  • nut butters

    It should be best unsalted to give your smoothie the perfect creaminess and richness. A lot of fiber, proteins, healthy fats and natural antioxidants make every nut butters your perfect smoothie companion.
  • cocoa powder

    Over 300 nutrients such as iron and magnesium are contained in cocoa, not to mention endorphins, which ensure a happy start to the day. If possible, you should use raw, untreated cocoa powder (no sweetened powder).Then all important nutrients are included and taste really delicious.
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