8 qualities you must have before going into a relationship

8 qualities you must have before going into a relationship

8 qualities you must have before going into a relationship
Going into a relationship is like having a garden. Does having a garden ends there? No!  You still have to put some seeds there and keep on nourishing it till it grows and when it grows, you keep on protecting it.

The relationship we get into is like the illustration of someone having a garden. For a relationship to keep moving ahead smoothly, it’s expected that both parties have agreed to be in that relationship.

Just the way your garden needs your time and effort, so also your relationship demands that you put the whole of your time and effort in order to keep it strong and growing. There is this feeling of joy when a relationship is going the way our heart truly wants it to go.

For our relationship not to grow weeds along the line, we need to constantly weed out those ugly habits or characters that do not aid to the growth of the relationship by having some qualities needed before going into a relationship.

It is also important to know that when one party is not living up expectation as no one is perfect, it requires the other party to carry that burden of making the relationship a good one.

The truth is that we can build a strong and better relationship- a relationship that is rich in love and happiness. There are qualities that if only we can develop in ourselves, our relationship won’t be a problem.
Here are the 8 qualities you really need to have before going into a relationship.

Note: The Qualities are applicable to both parties in a relationship.

1. Common interest
If the man and the woman have almost the same interest, it will be very hard for them to have a problem in the relationship. A relationship becomes stronger if the two share or have a common goal and purpose. It helps to tighten the bond of their love and they both have to work together and succeed together as well.

Having a common interest with your lover is also good and helpful in a relationship. Both lovers get to know the likes and dislikes of each other. It also helps them to visualize things in the same manner thereby avoiding arguments.

For a relationship to be strong and going, the lovers should know what they really want from each other and also have that spirit of unity.

2. Constant Love and Affection
The most relationship depends solely on this-love. If you want a strong smooth relationship, you cannot run away from this. When I talk about constant love here, I also talk about total commitment. You can’t say that you love someone and you are not committed and devoted to that person. Love demands commitment.

Every relationship stands if both lovers are devoted and truly committed to each other in that anything that hurts one pains the other. Showing love, kindness and affection is a sure way to building a strong relationship.

3. Total Submission and Humbleness
A great relationship is achieved if both parties are submissive to each other. We should have the heart to always help our partner in whatsoever way we can.

4. Total Honesty and Trust
Allowing doubt to creep into your relationship cannot help that relationship. It will only kill it. Be sincere with your partner; don’t give them the benefit of doubting your love for them. If the truth has to be told, say it. We should always learn to build a ‘TRUST REPUTATION’

A relationship is strong if you are always honest with your partner and that they also trust you. Also, learn to trust your partner and don’t let your friends or what people say mislead you from trusting them.

5. Unreserved Faithfulness and Commitment
The level of faithfulness determines how far and how well a relationship can go. You don’t expect to build a strong relationship and yet you are still looking for other people to fall in love with. If you are faithful, your partner would know.
6. Total Honour and Respect
For a relationship to keep growing and remain firm, it’s expected that both lovers have a great deal of respect for each other. Show respect for each other’s personal space, honor each other’s dignity and pride. Don’t take your relationship for granted if you really want to keep it.

7. A Strong Backbone and Support
The fact is, a relationship continues to wax stronger in love every day if both lovers are always giving support and encouragement to each other. If one person is falling, the other should be there to hold them tight so they don’t lose their balance.

8. Right words and Sincere Communication
Communication is the most important because it is the only way people express their thoughts and feelings. Saying the right words to each other with a soft tone is good if you want to have a healthy relationship. It shows you respect and honors them. In your speech with your partner, be sincere.

Even if you are both faced with little challenges along the line, learn to first listen to the other person. From listening, I also learn to understand them. In doing so, you can both sort out any problem without shouting or yelling.

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