Good sex depends on the right ambiance. Feng Shui, the Taoist harmony teachings from China, has a few helpful tips for designing the bedroom – and that’s how it should crackle in bed.

1. Let the chi flow

The Chi is a kind of energy flow that permeates the premises. So that he does not falter, you should keep the device clear and not too angled. An overcrowded wardrobe or clothing that graces the floor does not only harm the order, but also your sex life, according to Feng Shui!

2. Ying and Yang

In the bedroom, both partners should always realize and express themselves, that goes for the sex as well as for the furnishing. Therefore, it is unfavorable if only one raves in the design. So rather decorate together, then both feel well – and that boosts the crackling atmosphere.

3. Cuddly love nest

Where do you most often have sex in the bedroom Probably in bed. And that’s why it’s so important, according to Feng Shui, to grant him a so-called “power position” in the room. This is ideally located in a niche, from which you always have the door in view. Perfect is the position in the back right corner of the room – viewed from the front door. Absolute no-go: right at the window. Because here flows the most energy and you do not come to rest.

4. Double keeps better

Let’s get back to Ying and Yang: According to Feng Shui, your sex benefits when you have all of your deco items double. Means: two night lamps, two decorative pillows, two identical vases and so on. That way everything is in balance.

5. The right color

Likewise, you can do some right with the choice of wall paint. For example, if your bedroom shines in a warm red, the love and passion will be boosted. However, if the room is warm and flooded with light, bluish accents can also provide refreshment and lightness. Have you ever cold feet in the bedroom, you warm yellow and gold tones. Sounds logical, right?
Show-off Fact: Cows seem to flow in the veins of the spirit of Feng Shui. Researchers at the Zoological Institute of the University of Essen found out that they align themselves with the feeding along the magnetic poles of our earth – quite instinctively.

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