15 Best Ways for Ladies to Get Killer Abs

15 Best Ways for Ladies to Get Killer Abs

How often do you look at pictures of fitness models with six pack and just drool over how awesome they look. I bet you’ve even caught yourself thinking “I want to have abs like that too” quite a few times, but then dismissed that thought as unrealistic. After all, getting rock hard visible abs is not as easy for women as it is for men. Technically, we’re not genetically meant for abs. Our midsections are much more likely to be soft and round, or, if you’re lucky, just flat. However, it is possible for women to get abs, if you are prepared to work hard. So let’s talk about brilliant ways for ladies to get killer abs.
1. Face The Facts
You’ve probably seen countless articles and videos that promise to make you lose belly fat and get abs in just a few simple steps, but let’s be real – it’s not going to happen. You can’t lose fat in a specific area. There’s just no way to target weight loss only in your midsection. To get abs, you’re going to have to lose weight all over.
2. Abs Are Made In The Kitchen
If you want abs you have to eat healthy. That means you have to say goodbye to fast food, junk food, and all sorts of icky snacks. No matter how many crunches you do, your abs won’t show through until you lose enough body fat. And everyone knows that weight loss is 90% diet and only 10% exercise. So buckle up, and prepare your own meals, where you know exactly what’s on your plate and how much of it you’re going to eat.

3. Get Your Five A Day
We’re talking about servings of fruit and veg here. You’re supposed to have 5 servings of those, every day. It’s incredible how much better you’ll feel if you actually follow that rule. You’ll notice your energy levels raising and you won’t get those pesky food cravings anymore, because you’ll actually be getting all the nutrients your body needs.

4. Water Is Life
Keeping hydrated is key when you’re trying to lose weight and get abs. Water helps you digest food better, it also helps you get rid of toxins and all sorts of waste. So don’t forget to drink your 8 glasses a day.
5. Don’t Skip Meals
So you know how we said abs are made in the kitchen? That’s not a joke. You have to eat and you have to eat enough. Too many people are tempted to skip meals or go on very low calorie diets, because they think that will help them achieve results faster. But nope, the only thing you’ll achieve by skipping meals is a bad mood, hunger pangs, horrible cravings and in the end, you’ll just give up and binge on awful junk food.

6. Fiber For The Win
Fiber is very important for weight loss. It keeps things moving. It also keeps you full for longer and gives you energy to keep going. So make sure you have foods that are rich in fiber, and if you love bread, switch over to whole-grain instead of white. It’s better for you.
7. Know Your Serving Sizes
Serving sizes are tricky, especially in restaurants. Most of the time when you order a meal, you think “well, that’s one serving” right? Wrong. Restaurant servings are way bigger than they need to be, and you have to keep that in mind when eating out. Even prepackaged food often contains a couple of serving sizes. And when it comes to sauces, no one really measures them, and most of the time they’re more calorically dense part of a meal, so it’s best to order them on the side.

8. Cycle Your Way To Abs
Once you’ve figured out your diet, it’s time to exercise. One of the most effective ab exercises is the inverted bicycle. Lie down on your back, put your hands behind your back, get your legs up in the air and ride a pretend bicycle. It might seem easy, but if you do it for 5 minutes straight you’ll definitely feel your abs. And if you actually try to lift your head up and do a little crunch as you do this, you’ll feel them even sooner.
9. Exercise Ball Crunches
Regular crunches are good, but doing them on an exercise ball is even better. See, when you’re on the floor, you’re stable, and you’re only engaging your abs when you crunch up. When you’re balancing your back on the exercise ball, you keep your core engaged the whole time, which makes the exercise way more effective.
10. Planks Are Key
If you want rock hard abs, you need your core to be strong. And guess what exercise works your core muscles best? That’s right – the plank. Get on your elbows, or you hands if you’re strong enough, and keep your form straight for as long as you can. Start with sets of 20 second planks, and try to work your way up until you can plank for a full minute. It seems easy, but when you’re in a plank a minute seems to last an eternity. Also, don’t forget side planks.

11. Do The Twist
Twists are a great way to work on your sides. We’re not saying they’ll magically make your love handles disappear – only a proper healthy diet will, but they will help. You know how it goes, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend at the wait and touch your left foot with your right hand, then your right foot with your left hand. You might know this exercise as a “windmill”.
12. Raise Your Legs
Lower abs are the hardest to get, but that just means you have to work hard. You might think leg raises are easy, but try doing 3 sets of 20 and you’ll be surprised how hard it is. There’s actually two ways of doing this. You can either lie down, keep your back pressed into the floor and raise your legs up, then lower them, but don’t touch the floor and go up again. Or you can sit on a bench and raise your legs up, bending the knees towards your chest – this is even harder and engages all of your core muscles.

13. Walk It Off
Running is hard, we know. It takes a while to get into it, and no one can run for long at first. So we suggest you start with walking. Walk whenever and wherever you can. Don’t drive to the shop – walk. Go on long walks in the morning or in the evening. Get those 10k steps in. Then start walking faster. The goal is to walk so fast you’re breaking a sweat.
14. Spin It
Spinning classes aren’t a walk in the park. They’re hard and intense, but they definitely pay off. You might think that it’s easy, after all you’re sitting down. But oh trust me, it’s a full body workout with varying speeds and intensities. And it’s great not only for your abs, but for your bum too!
15. Find Cardio That Works For You
Cardio is very important when trying to shed pounds and get abs, so find the kind that works for you. Some people like running, while others find it tedious. So try cycling, boxing, dancing. Sign up for a zumba class or get some salsa lessons. Make it enjoyable!

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